Completing The Soundtrack For Enki

So, talking of friends and QA, I’m wondering how we would go about doing Quality Assurance on music!

Anyway, this leads up to the completion of the soundtrack for Project Enki, our “still in the works” VR title. We have ten (10) tracks ready to go for the game and, at some point, will probably release them.

The setup I used to compose, arrange and perform the music is:

  • Yamaha PSR-280 Synth
  • Digitech BP200 MultiFX pedal
  • Boss RC-20XL Loop Station
  • Jaydee Supernatural Classic Series 1 bass guitar
  • Musicman Stringray HH 4 bass guitar
  • Yamaha RGS 121 guitar
  • Behringer Eurotrack UB 1202 mixing console
  • Cakewalk Sonar Digital Audio Workstation (PC Edition Win 10)

With the music in place, we now have a better ambiance in-game.