Thank You Oculus For Keeping DK2 support

My father had a stroke around two weeks ago.
He lives in Scotland, I live in the U.S. (Florida).

I am going across to visit him in the rehab center. He has motor issues and cannot speak correctly, although he perfectly understands what is being said to him.
He is a very intelligent man who is a retired software engineer, electronics engineer and wodwork craftsman.
Needless to say, he is extremely frustrated at this point.

I have a CV1, an HTC Vive and a DK2. I develop VR software in UE4.
I cannot take a full PC across to Scotland so I am relying on my Alienware 17 R2 laptop.

I installed Oculus Home and some software on the R2 and plugged in my DK2 (via display port, coz of Optimus, etc).
To my surprise, I got a decent experience with Dreamdeck!

This motivates me to write stuff that will help stroke victims.

I did pre-order touch, but of course this does not work with the DK2.

I am very happy that I can at least show him stuff that might even help with his recovery.

In essence, thank you Oculus for keeping DK2 support for at least the time being (probably the end of the year).

I go to see him on November 9th. Wish me luck my fellow VR enthusiasts!